Customer Journey Mapping

The client had a strong centralized brand and retail partners across the country delivering for clients.

We conducted secret shopping exercises across 5 dealers and online to audit the customer experience and mapped out a technology enabled, centrally controlled experience that better leveraged the local retailer ability to drive the brand and retail transaction experience.

This was all mapped out within 25 days with work starting on a multi-quarter initiative to overhaul the customer experience.

Services leveraged:

- Customer journey mapping
- Market opportunity
- Competitive analysis
- Lifecycle marketing
- Marketing automation
- Partner channel management

Pipeline Development

The client was looking to scale beyond its client base and develop an outbound channel.

We conducted customer segment analysis, developed an outbound playbook and content, and deployed the call program.

Within 9 days the first opportunity was created and a scalable outbound channel established.

Services leveraged:

- Defined customer targets
- Data enablement
- Sales development
- Salesloft deployment

Data Enablement

The client was a media company looking to expand its data offerings to clients.

We built a business plan leveraging a managed service and validated the product and customers within 60 days.

This opened up a $5m opportunity.

Services leveraged:

- Market analysis
- Product positioning and packaging
- Market validation

E-Commerce Overhaul

We led a publicly traded company through a rebrand exercise that reframed their e-commerce experience and the product education wrapped around it.

Within a quarter we had a new site live that enabled more sophisticated lifecycle marketing and realized 20% sales increase within the first quarter.

Services leveraged:

- Customer segmentation
- Upsell and cross-sell analysis
- Lifecycle marketing
- Partner channel management

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