The Beginning of Bratti + Co

What do you get when a boomer Fortune100 executive ready to retire to the promiseland of board chairpersons, and a millenial management consultant looking to disrupt the business world walk into a Chicago bar? Too many tequilas, even more outlandish ideas and an everlasting friendship, with one goal in mind – “flying private”.

This is our story. Our playbook. Our documented journey.

  • How Bratti+Co got started
  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Where we’re going
  • Why we do it
  • and most importantly… HOW WE DO IT

Strap in. Enjoy the ride. We will strive to keep our content light hearted but actionable.

So be a sponge. Absorb our secrets.

We’re glad you found your way to our page. We promise to not take that lightly and only have one goal in mind – DELIVER VALUE, without ever asking for anything in return.

So now what? First and foremost – we’re unapologetically our most authentic selves, so be prepared. That’s how we do business. It’s why we’re different. It works – plain and simple.

This newsletter blog won’t be any different, so enjoy a refreshing sense of truth as you read along and join us on our path to “flying private”.

Welcome to Prescriptive Profits.

Our content vehicle, our weekly newsletter, it’s what drives our story. It’s how we give our readers some insights into our secret sauce and have some fun along the way. It’s real stories, of successes and failures, of real businesses – without a filter, just Brattized.

Bra-tti / bratee

  1. A prescriptive focus on delivering results, through consistent inspection
    “Our Q4 forecast is falling short of budget, we need some Bratti.”
  2. The act of taking information and parsing it into digestible, actionable insights
    “Let’s Brattize this blog so that it resonates with our readers and gives them value.”
  3. A “get shit done” honest truth or way of going about doing things
    “It’s time we get the leadership team together and go out for a Bratti dinner.”

Relax. No, we aren’t that full of ourselves. Those are real quotes. From real clients.

Bratti has become more than a last name. More than just our brand. It’s a way of doing business. A way of “getting shit done”. But it’s still more than that. It lives beyond our engagements and permeates into the business cultures we impact.

So let’s get started – back where it all got started – during Anthony’s early days of his professional career. As you looked at the traditional roadmaps for a career 30 years ago, they all focused on moving up the corporate ladder.

  • Find the right jobs
  • Build the right skills
  • Build the right network
  • Drive results & deliver value
  • Receive promotion or new offer
  • Pass go and collect $200. Rinse & repeat from step 1

And eventually, your career takes care of itself.

After spending nearly three decades in the corporate world, with a brief five years in successful SaaS startups, at some point you realize the old ladders are not broken; they often just don’t climb high enough to reach “flying private” heights. Something needs to be done to accelerate to that next level that is required for extreme success.

Over the span of Anthony’s career he…

  • helped build the broadband infrastructure in the US
  • ran a set of very large newspaper groups
  • rebuilt digital marketing firms
  • consulted Fortune 10 leadership teams

All of which according to Anthony, “just leads to the next stop on the train.” But how do you take all of the battle-tested, trusted, repeatable experience and make it scale?

The answer is you meet a pain-in-the-ass millennial – that can help push the line beyond the comfort zone and truly monetize all of the grey hairs and commercial airline miles.

Hi, I’m that “pain-in-the-ass millennial” and just want to thank you for reading this far!

My name is Jon Monteiro and this is my side of the story,The Beginning of Bratti + Co.

Anthony and I crossed paths while working as independent contractors within private equity operations. He had just left the corporate world to venture out as a 1099 and I was searching for the right partner to help me execute on my ideas and just… add a little “salt and pepper”. We jokingly give each other a hard time about our differing personalities, yet we both know that collectively it’s one of our top strengths as business partners. A perfect balance of ADHD and OCD. Strategic ideation and tactical management. Playing it safe and pushing boundaries. Decades of experience and a young, fresh perspective.

The key is, and not or – our differences turned into strengths that build on each other. Yet for every area where we differ there are twice as many areas where we’re alike. Throughout our careers, we spanned vastly different industries across numerous companies that all made the same mistakes, faced similar problems and were saying the same thing, “we’ve always done things this way.” 

These similar experiences led us to the same conclusion – we do things differently and it works, so how can we scale? The issue we were facing was that our secret sauce was… us. We weren’t about to clone ourselves, so we had to step back and look at what it really was that we were doing differently and why did it work so well? It ended up being quite simple. 

  • We attack business with a “get shit done” attitude, paired with a relentless focus on prescriptive activity.
  • We assume nothing, inspect everything and enjoy rolling up our sleeves to get our hands dirty by inserting ourselves within the business, as employees, customers and potential prospects.

These basic foundations of our approach often result in the same conclusion, there’s a disconnect between what is expected by the business and what actually occurs within the business.

Inspect what you expect became our mantra.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this 1st read and we’ve grabbed your attention, wanting more. If so, here’s what to expect from us:

  1. Weekly newsletter, delivered every Wednesday to your email inbox. Here are a bunch of topics we plan of covering & providing you value on.
    1. How to inspect your business
    2. How to scale your business operations
    3. How to efficiently grow your business revenue
  2. Weekly podcast and guest interview series where we invite business operators to join us and discuss their businesses, but “Brattized”. Here is what we have scheduled.
    1. CEOs of traditional publishers
    2. CROs of leading CPG brands
    3. Revenue operations teams of well-known SaaS companies
  3. Daily content across all of our social media channels